Thanks so much for stopping by! Through this site you can keep updated on my latest shows, get access to new tunes, and be in touch.

I am excited to announce a brand new project I am involved in called “Denim Robot.” We’ve recently finished our first full-length album, Disorder, which you can listen to here. Stay tuned as this band starts to take shape and look for dates to be added under the Tour tab.

My third solo album, “Radio Friendly,” has been released, which you can stream or download below. Be sure you check out “For Karen” and “No Tails” as well, and you can find the latest music from Guides for the Future here, and the new Weaseldust album may be downloaded here.


“. . . indulgent, finger-tapping guitar wankery . . . ”
-Dan Bolles, Seven Days

“There’s more than a little Primus and Chili Peppers in Bobcat’s slap-happy style, and his songwriting contributions are reflected in the numerous tracks where his four strings stand out against the controlled chaos.” – Sean Hood, Seven Days