Recording Services

studio11bwRecording – Mixing – Mastering

I offer portable studio services to accommodate all of your individual or band recording and post-production needs.

Current/Past Projects Include:


Doll Fight!

Jane Boxall


Guides for the Future

Brown Gold

Looking for a Session Player?*

I am available to do session work at a reasonable cost. In addition, the advent of the Internet has allowed this process to become essential virtual.

Let me explain. Through the utilization of DropBox, large files can be freely transferred thus reducing the need for actual studio presence. If you desire some low-end or guitar on your song or album, simply send me the raw mix in whatever format you like along with specifications (if any) as to what you want in terms of style and tone. I will then tailor a bassline or riff to your precise guidelines and forward it to you for your approval. If tweaking is needed, I will make the necessary adjustments and stay in constant e-dialog with you until satisfaction is reached.

Utilization of this process eliminates the need for unnecessary trips to the studio and ensures that you get exactly what you want.

My rate is $75 per song with 1/2 upfront and 1/2 upon completion via Paypal.

*If you are interested in traditional in-studio session work please e-mail for rates and availability.